Real Estate


Our real estate holdings are significant in scale and broadly diversified, encompassing office, retail, hotel and residential properties across the world.


We have developed projects in such different countries as Russia, Georgia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Malaysia, Cambodia, Macau, China and Thailand. We often seek to do our projects in joint ventures with local developers/investors. Below you can find some more about some of our current projects.



The investments of Frontline Invest in its agricultural complex are targeted at manufacturing competitive top quality agricultural products, implementation of the modern agricultural technologies and improvement of the working conditions for the industry's workers.


Today we are shareholders in agriculture companies in Ukraine and Cambodia. Below you can read some more about the agriculture companies we are shareholders in.

Technology and Venture Capital


We invests both directly and indirectly through Venture Capital Funds in disruptive technology companies with ambitious founders from Series A onwards.


We seek to invest in smart people and there companies .

Below you can read some more about some of the companies we already have invested in.

Together with a local developer we are developing a significant project in Tbilisi, Georgia. The project will consist of 4300 residential units, 20,000 Sqm office space and 10,000 sqm retail. The project is being developed in 3 phases.

Black Swan vision is to create an extreme impact portfolio by focusing on the outlier phenomena of Black Swan theory.



In Phnom Penh together with TA Corporation we are developing a 39 storey apartment block with 572 residences, which sits on top of a retail podium.




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